I wanna be mesmerizing too

Listening to this non-stop for the past week. I remembered listening to Guyville in Grade 12 but not really getting it to this extent. I appreciated the lyrics but couldn't understand why anyone would record anything so imperfect. But now, it is blowing my mind: how it cuts to the chase ("I want a boyfriend, I want all that stupid old shit, like letters and sodas"), how it reverses gender dynamics, how it understates insecurities by shouting them out and how she sings all this with this dead-pan, devil-may-care monotone voice.

I played "Fuck and Run" with my friend in the car and she was like: "Who is this?" and when I told her who it was, she was of course shocked. The Liz Phair she knows is the 2003 Lavigne-lite version with "Why Can't I". That's not to say her 2003 stuff was bad; yeah, it was mainstream, but I would've never discovered Guyville three years ago if it weren't for her 'selling-out' -- which, also, I think is unfair, since she wrote Guyville in 1993 when she was 26, and to expect someone 10 years later to write the same angst she felt in the twenties is completely unreasonable.

I hope she tours in Canada next year. Which reminds me, Jay Brannan in four days!
Cole Mohr

Getting Scared

Little late on the bandwagon, I know but --

I really did not like how realistic "500 Days of Summer" was. Especially during the split-screen scene, I felt almost sick to my stomach because who doesn't do that -- and who doesn't feel that it happens too often, too soon. I left the movie feeling like someone had confirmed the worst fears of reality to me. Also, Zooey Deschanel made me a closet breeder.

500 Days of Summer was amazing.

Cole Mohr

Public Service Announcements

As I still mourn the loss of my glasses, some things continually cheer me up like:

1) THE FIERCENESS OF BRITNEY: especially in If U Seek Amy, where she not only gets a shot at Megyn Kelly of Fox News, but does her sweetest housewife persona complete with a pink Lacoste polo and humble American pie. Wait you say, isn't she a filthy BDSM whore in the beginning? WHAT AN AMAZING TWIST IN PLOT. Her performance for this at the concert was beyond bizarre, as well.

2) THE CUTENESS OF JAY BRANNAN: I am in LOVE with him so so much. Not only is he basically my personal hero -- I mean, he has some huge cojones doing this all by himself (he's the CEO of his own record label -- he's also talented and sweet and self-deprecating and UGH I want him now. Anyways he has a small skit in his new video and after watching it, you'll totally want to eat him and his cuteness up too.

Show me your favourite videos please. My exams don't start till April 16th, meaning basically I am free to fuck around the interwebz for two weeks. Sweeet.

Interrupting the usual emo crap for something important

When you rob students blind, mark up textbooks and readers over 30 dollars and have crap re-sell policies, this is what you get. Students are poor, or if they aren't, it's still galling to know that mandatory textbooks are selling for 8-10 dollars less than average at a retail store than a university-run bookstore. With three textbooks per course in a school year, that's around 300 dollars more out of our pockets than it should be. That's just for political science. For engineering and medical science students, textbooks can add up to a thousand dollars, on top of their actual tuition.

I've never actually photocopied textbooks, not out of principle, but out of laziness. I'd rather buy used textbooks on student-run exchanges than at the U of T bookstore. I don't recommend doing what is illegal -- I believe it's always best to be on the right side of the law -- but when such blatant highway robbery is being committed, it's hard for students to patronize the bookstore without this nagging feeling (in the wallet, particularly), especially when it means the difference between skipping meals, doing well in a class, or crawling back to the financial aid officer to up OSAP payments.

I personally don't know what can be done, and I've been fortunate so far that I can either afford the books or have a friend who I can borrow from. But more pressure needs to be put on these university-run bookstores; although we understand it's a business, they are also a business for poor, starving students and when even professors refuse to sell their course packs because they deem it to pricey, like how my English prof sold it out of his office instead, it's time for the student body to propose solutions or put pressure on the bookstore or the university administration to reconsider royalty fees, or subsidize the bookstore and such.

I don't think illegally photocopying textbooks is the answer though, even if in reality it saves money and symbolically it's a huge middle finger to the publishers/bookstores: it only drives textbook prices further up and the cycle of exploitation continues.

Now brb while I procrastinate from reading my textbook and instead, read my friends page.

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Face Like a Mannequin.

So I've been listening to Circus non-stop throughout the week. I must reiterate that it's not as good as Blackout's endless string of awesomeness (Piece of Me, Radar, Toy Soldier, Hot as Ice, Ooh Ooh Baby). It's a shame that Circus's best songs are b-sides like Amnesia, Quicksand and of course, Trouble. But If U Seek Amy, Mannequin and Unusual You really make up for the rest of the weaker points in Circus (like Mmm Papi...or My Baby, oh dear).

I slept over at Jenn's place with Camille and Solomon on Friday night to study for stats, and instead of pouring over regression or correlation or ANOVA tables or the much beloved Chi-Square Tests, we gorged ourselves on ice cream, chocolate and regular chips and talked about Britney, Jenn's brother ("Felix, you are NOT HITTING ON MY BROTHER WHEN HE COMES HOME DRUNK!"), annoying best friends, anorexic friends and sex positions. Needless to say, despite being fun, I don't think we're ever going to have another study sleepover. Stats destroyed us three.

Oh well, guess who's going to see Britney on March 19th!!!

I'm like a firecracker, I'll make it hot.

So I bought Britney's new album, and although it's not as good as Blackout, it's still DYNAMITE. And my friend just forwarded me to her new (and full) video for CIRCUS, and she is most definitely on her A game again. She looks amazing with her platinum blonde hair at shoulder length and her dancing is slowly getting lubed up. And I love her crazy looks at the end of the song near the climax.

AND I'm buying tickets to her show tomorrow with Jenn for the March 18th show in Toronto! I hope I can get some/I'm so EXCITED. I've never been to her concerts before (gasp), but I'm finally old enough to have a credit card and do whatever the hell I want without guilt, and finally all the Britney hate is gone and I can go with friends now. I'm so damn excited.

One thing I'm worried is that she might crack again. I haven't watched the documentary but, dang, I heard she got deep sometimes and how it got kind of heart-wrenching to watch some scenes. And when I saw this, I couldn't help but feel as if she's just reading off some script, singing and dancing through orders and living a life she tried so desperately to discard just last year:

I mean, she looks amazing. But she seems so "I'm going to say this as fast as I can to get this over with and to not screw up". I don't know, I hope she's on her way to being comfortable in her own skin again.

You make me wanna la-la.

I just wanted to say that I am off to the States (New York) for the weekend to go shopping. American Apparel outlet, here I come.

Wanted to reaffirm my confidence and support in man van Koeverden, who bounced back to Silver for today's competition. HELLSYES, what a stud. I was actually so emotionally invested in him I was feeling so depressed and sad yesterday when he came 8th with doomsday headlines like: "VAN KOEVERDAN DISAPPOINTS A NATION". STFU, He's perfect. And he's mine.

I shall be back Monday. Muah.